Italian Style Pork Stew

The ingredients appearing in this dish are:

5 Pork steaks – diced quite large
1 Courgette – diced
1/3 Marrow – diced
2 Sticks of Celery – diced
4 Baby Sweet Orange Peppers – diced
1 Red Pepper – diced
3 Cloves of Garlic – crushed
1 Large Jar of Pasta Sauce – I used a tomato and chargrilled vegetable one
Olive Oil
Salt and Pepper


Having prepared our guest stars, I poured some olive oil in a large casserole dish, chucked in the squished cloves and added some salt and pepper.  Then I introduced the pork to the dish and made sure all the chunks were coated in the oil and because that was so much fun, I did the same with the vegetables.  It smelled wonderful and looked very pretty.

Unfortunately, the prettiness did not last long as the jar of sauce was added and everything was giving a stir, trying very hard not to slop things out the dish. I went a bit mad with the water, thinking that there wasn’t enough sauce.

A rather horrible problem occurred at this stage.  Apparently, the lid we had was not the lid for this dish so we cracked on using tin foil.

And into the preheated oven, the dish went.  Approximately 170 degrees which caused another panic until I found what gas mark that was!  It stayed in for almost two hours with me occasionally panicking and having a poke and a stir.

This, like the ugly duckling in the story, turned into a swan.  A particularly tasty swan.

It was served with crusty bread, mashed potato with cheddar and mashed swede, carrot and sweet potato.

Lessons learned:

Buy more sauce!
Don’t panic and use lots of water.
Make sure you can find the right lid.

Great things about this dish:

It seems like you could get away with whatever vegetables you wanted.
Really easy to do – chop, mix and leave.
Really tasty!

Would serve four hungry people easily.


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