Chili and Rice

As I attempt to recreate the nommiest of my fellow Nom Bloggers dishes, I am shocked at how I never attempted this before.


Red and Orange Pepper
Tomato Paste
Can of Mixed Pulses
Basmati Rice
Jar of Pasta Sauce
Chicken Stock Cube
Tin of Sweetcorn
Tabasco Sauce
Red Onion
Cumin Seeds
Steak Mince


* Measure 2 cups of rice into a sieve and rinse well, really well.  Allow to drain.
* Boil the kettle
* Put a knob of butter in your rice pan, crumble your stock cube into it as it melts, stirring it all in.
* Dump your now clean rice and stir well until it’s all gleaming with buttery-stock goodness.
* Keep stirring and frying for a few moments.
* Add 2 and a half cups of hot water to the rice and stir it all around well, ensuring none is sticking to bottom or sides of the pan.
* Taste the liquid for salt and add if necessary. When it’s boiling, put on the lid and move to lowest heat. Leave it alone for 25 minutes. Alone, I said!
* Have a peek and sneak some out and try it. If it crunches, put the lid back down and leave for another 5 minutes and then check again.

Red Chili:

* Chop all your veg, fairly small.
* Open the tins of mixed beans, drain of the icky stuff, fill with water and shake and rinse the beans. Then rinse again and again.
* One more time for luck. In your chili pan, blob some oil in and throw in the onion, carrots and celery, frying until translucent.
* Add the mince, stirring it to break it up until browned.
* Add a squeeze of tomato paste, stirring it into the meat.
* Add your garlic and stir.
* Add your herbs, spices and tabasco sauce now and stir again.  Be careful! Add a little, stir well and then taste. Only after that add more if you think it needs it!
* Add the jar of sauce and mix well.
* Add the beans and rest of the vegetables and stir.
* Bring back to the boil and give a good stir.
* Turn the heat down and let simmer for at least half an hour, keeping an eye on it to make sure doesn’t dry up.

Dish up the rice, slop some of the chili on top and add some grated cheese to finish!


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