Chicken & Chickpea Stew

Again, here I am wondering where the heck the time went, and why I can never remember to take pictures of the process when I’m inventing things in the kitchen (or just plain cooking up a storm). Two new cakes at the weekend, and a completely new Chicken Thing, and do I have any photographic evidence? I do not.

On the other hand, I’m not sure there’s any way to make the Chicken Thing look attractive, so perhaps that’s just as well.

Delicious though. Warming, tasty, filling, and (special bonus) incredibly easy. I’ve been seeing recipes for Chicken & Chickpea this and that go floating by, and decided just to make one up. Amusingly, I think I’ve reinvented the wheel – but no matter – dinner was needed, and this definitely hit the spot on a miserably rainy day.

400g boneless chicken chunks
1 can chickpeas
1 can chopped tomatoes
3 cups (ish) soffrito (chopped carrots, celery, onion – I cheated and used a pre-prepared bag from Waitrose)
2 cloves garlic, crushed (or a tsp of garlic powder)
2 tsp Baharat spice*
salt & pepper
a splosh of cooking oil

* In a large pan, heat up the oil and fry the chicken chunks. Try to sear them golden on all sides, more or less. Take them out and set them aside.
* Add the soffrito to the chickeny oil and fry for a few minutes, til the veg starts to go soft and translucent
* Add the chicken back in, and the spices, and stir it all together
* Add the (drained) chickpeas and the can of tomatoes
* Fill the empty tomato can with water and pour that in too
* Stir well, bring to a low boil then turn the heat down and pop a lid on the pan
* simmer for as long as you can stand it. I let mine seethe away for a couple of hours, stirring occasionally. You could probably also do this in a low oven.

It doesn’t really need any accompaniment, to be honest – the dense chicken and the earthy chickpeas and the veggy background are sort of complete. Even the favoured Crusty Bread would be a bit redundant. But, as you please.

* Baharat is a middle eastern spice blend. You can probably find it in most large supermarkets (mine’s the Bart version) or fake it by using a mixture of cinnamon, cumin, coriander and paprika. It’s fantastically aromatic and a bit hot. The house smells amazing!




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